Request Lived Experience Engagement

Request Lived Experience Engagement

The MHLEPQ supports Lived Experience engagement, representation, and participation in a variety of activities right across the state.

Together for better– We are here to support you in finding the best engagement approach for your project, connect you with our community and foster meaningful working partnerships with Queenslanders with lived experience of mental illness/ill mental health, and/or suicidality.

We take requests for external organisations to connect with our community. 

Requests come in all shapes and sizes. 

Here is some examples of requests made for Lived Experience engagement:

  • collective Lived Experience representative roles
  • participation in consultations and/or interviews
  • partners in co-design projects/programs
  • participation in research
  • for lived experience advice or perspectives
  • Lived Experience Board or committee member appointments and other leadership positions 
  • peer/mental health employment opportunities
  • to share specific funding or scholarships available
  • invitation to events, or activities

The earlier the better! Connecting with the MHLEPQ earlier in your planning process can help ensure we find the best ways of working together.

We invite you to connect with us, even if at this stage, you’re unsure of the role of Lived Experience engagement in your project.

Together we can explore the opportunities to embed Lived Experience wisdom into your work.

Download our Information sheet for details about our process for requesting Lived Experience Engagement

Make a Request for Lived Experience Engagement

To better understand how we can support meaningful partnerships with our community, please complete our Request for lived Experience Engagement form below.

Upon completion, our team will be in touch to chat through the next steps.

Need to get in touch? Reach us via email at: [email protected]. 

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