Join our Community

Join our Community

Lived Experience Membership And Friends of the Peak.

Queenslanders with a lived experience can join our community by becoming a member for free. Lived Experience Membership – There is power in our truth-telling

By becoming a Member, you will be contributing to real systemic change, led by our lived experience of mental illness and suicidality.

We are a connected community of lived-experience advocates, all committed to making a difference through our shared experiences, and vision for a better future.

Any Queenslander, 18 years and older, identifying as having a direct personal experience of mental illness and/or direct personal experience of suicidal ideation or surviving a suicide attempt can become a member and help build a community of empowered advocates, leading systemic change.

Become a Friend of Peak - Change takes all of us

Even if you don’t have a personal lived experience, you can stay connected by becoming a Friend of the Peak. Friends of the Peak are mental health advocacy supporters, without a personal experience, and come from many backgrounds.

Our Friends include people who:

  • Connects with people with a lived experience through their work
  • Is a Mental health and community service professionals
  • Cares for someone with lived experience
  • Mental health is an important topic to them and their community
  • Has an interest and wants to learn more
Everyone can play a role in mental health advocacy because change will take all of us!

Join our Lived Experience Community as a Member or become a Friend of the Peak By completing our Join Us form.

As a Lived experience Member or Friend of the Peak you will receive information from the MHLEPQ from time to time. You may receive information, like Annual Reports, communications about our advocacy agenda, activities, events and opportunities.
You can read our Privacy Policy for details on how we protect your information.
Online Forms not for you? Download a printable version and once completed, email through to us via: [email protected]

Thinking of becoming a Member or want to be a Friend of the Peak? Here’s some of the benefits?

As a Member or a Friend, you will:

  • Receive updates, information, and engagement opportunities.
  • Learn from, and alongside lived experience advocates
  • Receive advocacy materials to use in your community.
  • Receive tools to promote, refer, or connect your clients, friends, or community, to become a member of the MHLEPQ and influence change.

Have a lived experience and thinking about joining?

We’re excited to welcome you!
Here’s a sense of what you can expect as part of our Community:
Our Values are our commitment to each other and guide all our actions, interactions and decisions.
We Value:Our Value is important because:We are committed to:
SafetyPeople with lived experience often feel unsafe in the relationships and systems that are meant to support them.

We will focus on cultural, psychological, and organisational safety in all interactions.

We will be compassionate and patient in in our efforts to be inclusive

We will acknowledge, apologise, and learn from mistakes.

RespectPeople with lived experience are often seen only through the lens of illness.

We will see the whole person in any interaction.

We will be courageously curious about the strengths, resilience, and capabilities of others.

IntentionalEngagement, consultations, and partnerships has not been enough for people with lived experience.

We will cultivate intentional and meaningful interactions.

We will co-design solutions.

We will work with not for.

We will actively look for the voices we don’t hear.

IntegrityOur work is critically important to the lives and well-being of people with lived experience.

We will be accountable, transparent, and accessible.

We will critically analyse our work.

We will acknowledge the contributions of others.

OutcomesReal, tangible and human centred outcomes matter to people with lived experience.

We will focus on whole of community level change. 

We will be explicit about our intent. 

We will seek to understand root causes. 

We live our Values

Our Values are not just words – they are actions. So, you will be joining Our Lived Experience Community that collectively:
Embraces diversity, inclusiveness, and our changing support needs aside life’s journey.
Shares our ideas, perspectives, skills, and wisdoms
Connects with a likeminded community and develop friendships, build professional networks, and connect with peer mentors
Acts on issues and topics that are important to us.
Celebrates our diversity, contributions, creativity, achievements, and strengths.
Influences decision makers, professionals, our communities, and wider society
Grows, develops, and strengthens our skills.
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