How The MHLEPQ Develop Positions And Submissions

One of the MHLEPQ objectives is to provide advice and system advocacy for, and with, consumers of all ages of the Queensland mental health system, in particular those who are marginalised and disadvantaged, based on the principles of equity, access, cultural-safety, recovery, and human rights.

The MHLEPQ achieve this through a Lived Experience Advisory Group that leads the development of any work from start to end.  This group represents the diversity of Queensland mental health consumers and has a range of relevant experience to inform the MHLEPQ in its work. The advisory group is provided with appropriate support by the MHLEPQ to translate these experiences into a policy or advocacy position.

The MHLEPQ are also committed to working collaboratively and/or in partnership with other agencies and organisations in the sector to improve the mental health and wellbeing of consumers and the community.

On this page we will advise of advocacy submissions and policy documents developed through the MHLEPQ.

Submission to Qld Parliamentary Mental Health Select Committee (9/2/2022) 

In December 2021, the Mental Health Select Committee was established to conduct an inquiry into the opportunities to improve mental health outcomes for Queensland and to report back 31 of May 2022.

The MHLEPQ’s submission to enquiry was developed by the Lived Experience Advisory Group, in consultation with First Nations Australians, and collated by ConNetica Consulting

The submission highlights the need for addressing power imbalances and abuse within the system, the need for a larger peer workforce, a system that is often culturally blind and where the social determinant of mental health are often ignored.  To access the full submission Click Here

The MHLEPQ submission was prepared and written by:

  • Naraja Clay 
  • Angela Davies
  • Roseil Elwyn
  • Justin Geange
  • Jorgen Gullestrup
  • Tanya Kretschmann
  • John Mendoza
  • Melissa Pietzner
  • Marion Wands

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