Company Secretary Services for the Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland

Company Secretary Services for the
Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland

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The Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland (MHLEPQ) is a charity established with funding from the Department of  Health, Queensland (Department) for the purpose as a representative organisation for Queenslanders who have a lived and living experience as a consumer or the mental health system.

The object of the organisation is to provide policy and system advocacy informed by voices of consumers especially those who are marginalised or disadvantaged.

Furthermore the MHLEPQ was formed to grow capacity and capability of consumers of the mental health system who wish to represent the views and experiences of peers.

The MHLEPQ are committed to do this in a manner that is culturally, psychological and organisationally safe.

MHLEPQ Values:

The MHLEPQ values are: Safety, Respect, Intentional, Integrity and Outcomes. A link to examples of how these values are applied can be found HERE.

MHLEPQ Organisation:

MHLEPQ is currently in its establishment phase and being auspiced by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. It was recently resolved to extend this auspice period by six months to the 31 December 2022 to allow further preparation.

The auspice period is to prepare the organisation for readiness to enter into a direct contract for funding agreement from the Queensland Health Department. The Department has made a commitment to recurrent funding subject to demonstrated effective governance from the MHLEPQ to be contracted directly.

This readiness will be determined through a comprehensive audit scheduled for September 2022.

The MHLEPQ currently have no direct employees. It is supported by a part-time project manager employed by the Queensland Mental Health Commission and a contract for CEO services with Semicolon Construction performed by the Interim CEO Jorgen Gullestrup (Contracted to July 2022).

Current priority tasks are operational readiness requiring staff recruitment and appropriate accommodation for the organisation, and to prepare the organisation’s governance framework from Board to operations.

The Company Secretary Role

The MHLEPQ is seeking a company secretary to perform the tasks required by ASIC and ACNC. These tasks include:

  • Maintain a registered office and notify ASIC and ACNC of changes,
  • Maintain registers of office holders and membership including appropriate details
  • Ensure the appropriate records and documents are lodged with ACNC and ASIC as required
  • Support the Board process including the facilitation of appropriate board papers, minutes, calling of meeting and similar functions
  • Advise and support the Board on effective governance matters
  • Develop, implement, communicate, and maintain compliance policies, processes and procedures
  • Support the CEO by advising and preparing on governance matters relevant to the audit process
  • Develop a board calendar
  • Assist in the development of Board risk appetite, register and management
  • Lead the Board remuneration committee

As the company secretary you will be appointed by the Board but will report directly to the CEO.

The Board is meeting monthly generally for two to three hours on-line or in person. As the company secretary you will be expected to be present at the meeting in-person meeting.

We estimate that the role of company secretary will be 2 to 2.5 days per month. The Board is using Onboardmeetings software to manage Board documentation.


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