Organisational Values

Organisational Values MHLEPQ

What do we value? Why is this value important? So, what will we commit to? What is the critical question here?
Safety People with lived experience often feel unsafe in the relationships and systems that are meant to support them. We will focus on cultural, psychological, and organisational safety in all interactions.  We will be compassionate and patient in in our efforts to be inclusive We will acknowledge, apologise, and learn from mistakes. Will this be safe for our members?
Respect People with lived experience are often seen only through the lens of illness. We will see the whole person in any interaction.  We will be courageously curious about the strengths, resilience, and capabilities of others. Will this portray our members wholistically?
Intentional Engagement, consultations, and partnerships has not been enough for people with lived experience.  We will cultivate intentional and meaningful interactions.  We will co-design solutions. We will work with not for.  We will actively look for the voices we don’t hear. Will our members see this as centred on lived experience?
Integrity Our work is critically important to the lives and wellbeing of people with lived experience. We will be accountable, transparent, and accessible.  We will critically analyse our work. We will acknowledge the contributions of others.  Can we justify this to our members?
Outcomes Real, tangible, and human centred outcomes matter to people with lived experience. We will focus on whole of community level change. We will be explicit about our intent. We will seek to understand root causes.  How will our members be better off as a result of this?

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