Finding North Network

MIFA is excited to announce that Finding North Network is here! 

Finding North Network is a safe and secure online platform for the exclusive use of those who’ve had first-hand experience with mental health conditions looking to develop their Lived Experience Leadership at a personal or professional level.

“The greatest force we harbour inside of us is the power of our Lived Experience.”

The Network is a free forum for people to share their experiences, discuss ideas, and develop their voice in speaking to Australia’s issues surrounding mental health.

The functionality of the network enables network members to:

    • Connect with others all around Australia.
    • Join group discussions that align with their interest e.g., leadership, peer work and how do I share my story.
    • Collect and share resources through their own personal portfolio.
    • Access to Finding North Network events such as guest speakers, training and learning circles.
    • Keep up to date with external events, information about organisations and projects relevant to Lived Experience Leadership.

The beauty of a network like this is the collective wisdom that comes from sharing the knowledge and information each of us have. It is for this reason, we hope to attract Lived Experience Leaders, new, emerging and established.

The Finding North Network will showcase the great work and innovative ideas happening across the Lived Experience Leadership space. Our sole intent is to find ways to amplify the voice of lived experience so that those voices can be at the forefront of policy, research and service design.

The leadership you show as a LEAD member is a perfect example of the good that can come from people being supported to share their experience and acknowledged as experts with wisdom to share. The Finding North Network is a great place for people to begin their leadership journey. People are able to see other leaders in action and start exploring how they wish utilise their lived experience to create a better future.

On behalf of the Finding North Network Team, we would love to invite you all to join the network. As leaders in this space the network would benefit from your experience, insights and sharing of information.

We are also seeking expressions of interest for 1 position that is available on our Advisory group for the network. The terms of reference has been attached for your interest. The Advisory Group meets once a month an Advisory group member are reimbursed for their time.

Sounds interesting? What is the next steps?

Send an email to me (details below) or [email protected] expressing you interest to learn more about the network and/or the advisory group position.

We find the best way to learn more about us and the network is to meet face to face (e.g. zoom) wherever possible. We can show you inside the network, explain our intent and answer any questions you have.

For those who are interested in the Advisory Group role, We will then request a more formal expression of interest. Don’t worry we will try it make it a simple but fair process such as requesting an email explaining how you can meet the role and purpose requirements of the Advisory Group as listed in the terms of Reference. Expressions of interests would then go to the Finding North Network Advisory Group to make a decision at their next meeting.

We are excited to meet as many of you as possible, share what we have been working on and hear any feedback or insights you have.

Advisory Group – Terms of Reference (TOR) 

Would you like to get involved?

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Would you like to get involved?

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