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Shifting Minds Consultation, Queensland Mental Health Commission

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Shifting Minds Consultation

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Queensland Mental Health Commission 

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The project: Consultation on a monitoring and evaluation framework The Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC) invites people with lived/living experience (including their carers or family members) for a conversation to support the Queensland Government to evaluate the impact of implementing Shifting minds: The Queensland Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan 2023-2028. The details: Participants (maximum of 20 invitees) will be invited to a series of five sessions (of 3-4 hours duration) to be held over several days during late November and early December. The sessions will be held in-person during business hours at a Brisbane city location. QMHC will review Expressions of Interest submitted and will confirm involvement by email. The session will be facilitated by staff from Nous Group alongside a person with lived/living experience. Consultations are planned to explore opinions and ideas about what questions need to be asked to ensure the Evaluation Framework measures change at a broader system-level (rather than at an individual, or organisational, or service level). The QMHC Paid Participation Policy applies. Express interest: Express interest by completing an online form (or copy and paste this address into your web browser Expressions of interest close Friday 10 November 2023. More information: Find out more by downloading the expression of interest information sheet and a summary of the Shifting Minds Strategic Plan. Contact information: For enquiries, please contact the project team at [email protected] or by phone on 1300 855 945.
Expressions of Interest close ASAP
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