Expression of Interest for external recruitment agency partnership proposal

Expression of Interest external recruitment agency partnership proposal

The Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland (MHLEPQ) will shortly recruit three new Board members to fill casual vacancies.  To help us do that we seek to partner with an external recruitment agency.  The successful agency will work closely with the MHLEPQ Nomination, Remuneration and Governance Committee (NRG Committee) to nominate successful candidates for the Board’s consideration.

Your proposal will be considered by the NRG Committee.  The committee may seek to interview the proposer prior to awarding the project.  The NRG Committee may choose to nominate one or more than one proposer if the Committee feel a particular proposer is best place to fill a position requiring a specific skillset or experience.

Expected Cost

The MHLEPQ will accept proposals ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 per successful candidate.  Proposals will not be assessed based on price but “value for money” being value against the price.


Proposals will be no more than three pages long and will address key selection criteria:

  • Experience in Board Recruitment for purpose and advocacy organisations.
  • A strong framework for candidate care before, during and after the recruitment process.
  • The proposer supporting the MHLEPQ’s commitment to advancing economic, environmental and social objectives.

The MHELPQ will give preference to proposers who:

  • Are Queensland based,
  • Are a social enterprise,
  • Have a clear social charter including social and environmental objectives,
  • Have a stated commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s firs nations people,
  • Have an established policy on diversity, and/or
  • Have a history and/or policy of employing people with lived and living experience of mental ill-health.
Proposals will be submitted by email to: [email protected] no later than 1st July 2023.
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