Expression of Interest MHLEPQ Lived Experience Advisory Group

Expression of Interest MHLEPQ
Lived Experience Advisory Group


The Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland (MHLEPQ) is informed in all its work by people with lived experience relevant to the subject matter.  This is done through specialised Lived Experience Advisory Groups (LEAG) constituted by consumers who have lived experience of the Queensland mental health system.  The MHLEPQ are also regularly called upon to recruit people with lived experience for committies and Boards.

We are seeking 4-6 Queenslanders with lived experience to form a Lived Experience Advisory Group for Appointments (Appointments LEAG) to lead the recruitment process of other MHLEPQ LEAG and Lived Experience Representatives advisory and consultation groups.

The Appointments LEAG will meet regularly (6-12 times per year) to advise the MHLEPQ on the composition and formation of specialist LEAG.   The Appointments LEAG could also involve other recruitment process to both internal and external roles on boards, committees, and working groups within the mental health sector.


The Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland (MHLEPQ) is a charity established with funding from the Department of Health, Queensland for the purpose of being the peak organisation for Queenslanders who have a lived experience as a consumer of mental health services in Queensland.

The object of the organisation is to provide policy and system advocacy informed by consumers with lived experience of the Queensland mental health system, especially those who are marginalised or disadvantaged.

Furthermore, the MHLEPQ was formed to grow capacity and capability for and with people who wish to represent the views and experiences of mental health system consumers.

The MHLEPQ are committed to do this in a manner that is culturally, psychologically and organisationally safe.

MHLEPQ Values:

The MHLEPQ values are Safety, Respect, Intentional, Integrity and Outcomes. How we apply these values can be found HERE.

MHLEPQ Participation:

The MHLEPQ is committed to paid participation for consumers of the Queensland Mental Health system. All the LEAG role will be remunerated according to the MHLEPQ Paid Participation Policy.

The MHLEPQ is committed to provide a culturally, psychologically, and organisationally safe environment for all interactions within the organisation. The MHLEPQ Mental Health and Wellbeing policy applies to all MHLEPQ office holders, employees, contractors, consultants, representatives, and volunteers. A copy of the MHLEPQ Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy can be found here.


If appointed as a member of the LEAG Appointments, we will expect you to:
  • act within the MHLEPQ Values at all times
  • comply with the MHLEPQ Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
  • excuse yourself from applying for any position you have given any input such as position design or recruitment process where you may have a personal or professional conflict of interest
  • allocate half of any scheduled meeting time for preparation (i.e. 1 hour preparation for a 2 hour meeting)
  • sign a Confidentiality Agreement with MHLEPQ and commit to keep information confidential as part of the safety measure for potential candidates of the recruitment process

How expressions of interest will be treated:

Applications for these roles will be assessed individually and collectively to reflect on the demographic of Queensland mental health consumers. Hence assessments will be based on experience, skills and diversity as outlined below.
Individual capacity criteria:
  • Declared lived experience (that it is significant and relevant)
  • Experience of similar roles
  • Relevant training and qualifications
  • Experience in mental health lived experience work and activism
Collective community diversity matrix such as (but not limited to):
  • Area of lived experience
  • First nation communities
  • Cultural and linguistic background
  • Age
  • Gender and gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Social background

Equity of access:

The MHELPQ will act proactively with individuals to overcome any barriers that reduce the successful candidate’s performance. MHLEPQ will try its best to accommodate all needs including but not limited to:
  • Environmental modifications where possible to ensure accessibility and safety
  • Opportunities to step up and step back where required for self-care
  • Individual or group debrief options with a peer or a chosen provider
  • Options of remote or in-person attendance
  • Nomination of support person to accompany if needed (support person needs to follow the Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy, declare any conflict of interest, and sign a Confidentiality Agreement)

How to Apply:

Please complete the form below and attach a cover letter of no more than one page.


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