Lived Experience Request: Review of the Mental Health Act 2016 Report recommendations – MHLEPQ

Lived Experience Advocacy Request

Review of the Mental Health Act 2016 Report recommendations - MHLEPQ

The Opportunity:

We want to hear your valuable insights on our findings and recommendations, and to hear about your story.

The Chief Psychiatrist commissioned a collaborative clinical review of the use of seclusion, mechanical restraint, and physical restraint under the Mental Health Act 2016 (the Act) in late 2022.

We have been asked to provide systemic advice to The Chief Psychiatrist by responding to the recommendations in their report, Mental Health Act 2016 Report: Review into the use of Seclusion, Mechanical Restraint and Physical Restraint under the Queensland Mental Health Act 2016 (the Report).

The details:
We would like a small group of people with lived experience of seclusion, mechanical and/or physical restraint within Queensland mental health services to meet to discuss the 18 recommendations that are within the report, from a systemic viewpoint.

We are planning a one-off 2.5-hour online workshop (plus 1.5 preparation time), with date/time TBC. The Workshop intends to gather your perspectives about the OCPs report recommendations.

Four hours of your time will be remunerated according to our paid participation policy. The MHLEPQ is entering at the end stage of this Queensland Health project and acting in an advisory role only. MHLEPQ members and staff will have no authority for decision-making.

How to get involved:

To register for this one-off workshop, please email [email protected] with your interest, using the title “Advice to the OCP recommendations” by 1st September 2023.

If you would prefer to give your feedback in another way, for example by speaking on the phone, or chatting over video, then we can arrange that too. Please contact our engagement lead Elloise, via email at: [email protected].

Hurry, closes 1 September
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