Input into Emergency Department Mental Health Care (RBWH)

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Input into Emergency Department Mental Health Care - Metro North Mental Health, RBWH



Consumer & Carer Input into Emergency Department Mental Health care at the Psychiatric Emergency Centre (PEC), RBWH.

Project Details:

Metro North Mental Health is inviting to take part in a project being conducted by the Psychiatric Emergency Centre (PEC), RBWH.

The project plans to explore how the PEC service/RBWH Emergency Department (ETC) can best support consumers (patients) and their families and/or carers.

Metro North Mental Health want to understand the experiences of consumers and their carers/families who have attended the PEC/ETC service. This includes what is working well and what areas/parts might need improvement or change. This project will inform ongoing re-design of the service and provide important information on how PEC/ETC provides mental services.

How to participate?

You can participate by completing a short online questionnaire using the link below. 

Contact information:

You can get in contact with the Project Team directly via email.

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